Financial Markets

In recent years, our customers have built up larger equity and liquidity buffers. Loan financing is increasingly being supplemented by other financing components; more and more companies are choosing direct access to the capital market. This trend will continue. We advise clients on a variety of debt products such as bonds and promissory notes, private placements and leveraged debt finance.

A balanced and targeted financing mix enables medium-sized companies to respond flexibly to growth potential and rapidly altering economic conditions. With tailor-made financial solutions involving outside capital, we aim to serve the needs of our clients in an optimum fashion. To achieve this, we make particular use of bond and promissory note issues and private placements.  

We are devoted to providing capital market advice to listed and unlisted companies that want to achieve their growth targets by way of equity-enhancing financing. In addition, we prepare capital market-oriented exit strategies for private equity companies.