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1. Restriction to German-speaking users, choice of applicable law

Access to and use of the website is subject to German law and is intended for interested parties domiciled or resident in Germany and Austria. Access is not permitted for users whose residence or registered office is outside the Federal Republic of Germany or Austria, particularly in the United States of America, or who are not resident in Germany or Austria when they access this homepage. By consenting to these usage regulations, you confirm that the above conditions apply to you.

IKB AG makes no representations that the website content is suitable for use everywhere or that the described products may be purchased in all legal systems. Furthermore, no guarantee is given that the products shown on the website are suitable for all investors or interested parties.

2. Not investment advice or an offer

The content of the website shown is intended solely for the information of users and does not replace individual investment advice. The information does not constitute an offer, valuation or purchase or sale recommendation regarding the products shown.

In addition, the information shown does not meet the requirements of advertising documents or financial analyses under the German Securities Trading Act.

Please consult your advisor before investing in the products described on this website.

3. Nonbinding nature of prices and indications of value shown

Any indications of value and prices shown on the website are nonbinding and intended solely for your information, and do not give rise to any obligation of IKB AG to make you a corresponding offer for the purchase or sale of the product concerned. The prices shown may differ from binding trading prices or stock market prices due to data transmission delays or technical faults. Therefore, IKB AG assumes no guarantee for the accuracy of the prices shown. In addition, details of the past performance of a product shown do not constitute any indication of future results, i.e. past performance may differ from future performance.

4. Disclosure of interests

IKB AG reserves the right to hold products shown on the website itself and to trade them actively as a primary or secondary trader.

5. Links to or from other websites (hyperlinks), data security

The website may contain links that lead to content on other websites that are operated by third parties. The content of these websites is not controlled by IKB AG. We therefore assume no guarantee for the accuracy, completeness, content or any other aspect of these websites.

Links from third-party websites to the website of IKB AG are not permitted.

It cannot be guaranteed that communication via the Internet is secure. Therefore, there is a risk that data and information may be intercepted, destroyed, falsified or lost in any other way during transmission to your system. Consequently, no guarantee is assumed regarding accuracy of the data. In addition, you are responsible for checking that any information and other data that you download or select in any other way contains no harmful viruses or other destructive properties.

6. Limitation of liability

IKB AG issues no assurances or guarantees regarding the products and content shown on the website, including the completeness and accuracy of the information or its availability at any time, as well as its suitability and appropriateness for specific purposes. Therefore, IKB AG is not liable to you or to third parties for losses, costs, damage or other detriment, including any further damage, caused if you or third parties rely on the content of the website.

7. Protected rights, copyright

All rights and entitlements to and interests in this website and any content thereof are solely the intellectual property of IKB AG. You are forbidden to remove, modify or copy content of the website. You may use the content shown for your personal purposes only. Any publication, reproduction, distribution, exhibition, performance, presentation, transmission, forwarding in any other way or exploitation is prohibited.

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