Energy & Utilities

Our customers include energy utilities, regional suppliers, public utilities, project developers, plant construction firms, suppliers, grid operators and financial investors. We are well connected within the industry and support our customers along the entire value chain: generation, regulated grids, trading, storage and distribution.

The beginning of the liberalisation of the energy market in 1998 saw the privatisation of numerous public utilities. Our experts supported this process as well as the subsequent phase of market/participation consolidation and the current renationalisation of public utilities.

In the renewable energies segment, we finance and advise project developers and investors, plant construction firms and suppliers. In the area of conventional generation, we have supported our customers in structuring the financing of high-volume projects for many years.

Since the late 1990s, the team has been involved in the successful completion of more than 250 advisory and financing projects. We will continue to be available to our customers for future challenges, such as the turnaround in energy policy, as an expert partner on an equal footing.